Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
on the Treasure Coast

About Dr.Dean

Dr. Dean has been practicing child/adolescent psychiatry in the Treasure Coast area for over 25 years. Despite being well-traveled, he is a Florida native and went to Florida State University for undergraduate training and The University of Florida for his medical degree. He did his psychiatric residency and was a child fellow at The Medical University of South Carolina.

He returned to Florida and within a year became the Medical Director of a large child and adolescent psychiatric hospital in Brevard County, the youngest director in the history of a prominent company with over 50 hospitals. After six years a better opportunity arose in Vero Beach, with a similar position but connected to a large hospital (IRMC). He has served as a medical director for most of the past 20 years at CEBH/BHC hospital, treating inpatients of with all types of mental health problems who were in crisis. Many of these patients had the most difficult to treat problems and were referred from the five county area and beyond.

During most of his career Dr. Dean saw outpatients as well. He also worked with adults when the need arose, often parents of the children he treated.

Dr. Dean has done other things to help the mental health cause. He was affiliated with both the Florida State University (FSU) and University of Florida (UF) teaching hospitals in their satellite programs here locally, and he mentored and taught third and fourth year FSU medical students doing rotations at his hospital. He has been a strong advocate for the mental health field, working with several organizations such as the Mental Health Association. He has lectured hundreds of times at schools, businesses, and other agencies on the key subjects of our times such as suicide prevention, childhood bullying and violence, sexual abuse, and other tough subjects.

He has authored two books, was a classically trained pianist, an artist, and was a world class athlete in his youth, excelling in track and field and competitive weightlifting. He still enjoys these activities with the simple goal of doing them for the joy of it.

Dr. Dean is a man of divere interests!

His hero growing up was Leonardo Da Vinci, the true “renaissance man.” Da Vinci of course was a magnificent artist and sculptor, but he felt this did not define him and he explored and excelled in many other areas of endeavor. Dr. Dean has felt a similar calling, and enjoys exploring new ventures, especially if they can either be of help to other people or just help to keep him mentally and physically at his best. There are three main areas in addition to his practice of psychiatry that have drawn his greatest interest. Each one has a page going into more detail, with a video or other information to help you see his passion.


  • “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

    ― Maya Angelou

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