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Writing and Public Speaking

Dr. Dean has been a writer and public speaker throughout his career. He has published two books, and has written a third which is about his personal journey and is not quite finished.

He has given hundreds of speeches and seminars over the years, from small school classrooms to large auditoriums filled to capacity. He speaks primarily on mental health subjects, usually on the most important or relevant subjects of our time such as suicide, warning signs that your teenager is at risk, and electronic addiction as examples. However, he enjoys the occasional request to discuss unusual subjects as well, such as the impact of music on our mental well-being, does multiple personality really exist, and many others.

Dr. Dean has cut back on his speaking career due to the illness he went through (see My Medical Miracle) but still does an occasional speaking engagement. He also continues to write and intends to write a blog soon. Here are his published books:


This is a novel, a psychological thriller that was inspired by several true events and special people that Dr. Dean got to meet early in his career. It sparked an interest in something that has become increasingly popular, the idea that some people may have or develop extraordinary powers or abilities. He combined that with his love of music, and with one piece in particular, which the book was named after. Vers La Flamme, by Alexander Scriabin, was a mystical, majestic piece for piano written in 1915. It captured Dr. Dean’s heart and soul, as it did the protagonist in this novel. Dr. Dean studied to be a classical pianist, and although his hands don’t work as well as they used to, he still can manage an impressive rendition of this piece, as you can see and listen to in this video.
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How to Avoid Emotional Extinction

This is Dr. Dean’s second book, written in 1998. It is a self-help book designed for a wide audience. At the advice of his agent and a publishing house, he broke the book down into two sections, the first a simple step by step approach to battling common problems using an “integrative medicine” approach (the best of traditional medicine and alternative medicine). He still believe in this approach even though he is disappointed that it has not caught on more in the U.S. in the past twenty years. The second half of the book was his original idea of a more creative and profound way to create true happiness and balance in your life.

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“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”

― Mark Twain

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